Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is going on in the ART ROOM?

Kindergarten will be viewing many famous artists self portraits and drawing their own self portrait! We will discuss facial features, and shapes that make up our face. Students will be use black glue, tissue paper and paint to complete their masterpieces.

First grade is learning about all about snails and how spiral lines and patterns are found on many of their shells. Students are creating drawings of snails using many patterns and lines,especially SPIRAL lines. They will finish up their drawings with a crayon resist method! I even have real snails in a terrarium for students to look at in the art room. WOW!

Second grade is learning all about Leonardo daVinci and creating their own "Modern Mona" with a twist! Stop and ask one of my students about Leonardo and what they know about the Mona Lisa!! A Mona Lisa powerpoint is continuously showing different Mona Lisa's in the art room. Ms. Krass downloaded many musicians who sing about Mona Lisa in various songs, these songs are playing during the revolving powerpoint!

Third grade is working on their own radial weaving using various color schemes. Warm and cool colors, complementary colors and analogous colors. A radial weaving is a weaving in the shape of a circle. My students hands are furiously working in their craftsmanship while weaving.

Fourth grade was introduced to the artwork of Keith Haring and is gestural figures that make him so famous. Students learned how to create gestural drawings using each other as models. Students are using their gestural sketches to create their own Keith Haring inspired drawing, spray paint and all!

Fifth grade is learning about value and creating different value scales using pencils and paint. Students are using their value scales to help them create atmospheric perspective within an landscape.

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