Friday, May 15, 2009

Artwork is coming home!

I am sending tons of artwork home this week with my students! We are slowly coming to the end of our first year at Lake Forest Elementary and all the beautiful artwork that has been displayed is coming down! Oh, how sad.......... just think about what next year will bring!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


First graders have been waiting the arrival of snails in the art room! Students have been learning all about snails, their habitat and what makes these little creatures so special, those COOL spiral lines found on their shells! To be able to draw snails, students were able to view actual snails at their tables while working! It was a snail FRENZY! First graders were excited and able to put real life within their drawings using patterns, shape and line!

Fifth Grade Atmospheric Landscapes

Fifth Grade has just completed their "Atmospheric Perspective" landscapes! Students learned how to create value by creating various value scales before painting their landscapes with watercolors. Silhouettes within their landscapes were created in the foreground, middleground and background by using black construction paper!