Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Kindergartners just got finished creating African style mudcloths using neutral colors! The patterns were made by stamping with various found objects like: forks, tops, beads, sponges, marker tops, clothespins and so much more. After stamping, students cut their printed papers and glued on top of the other strips. Students wove their strips together to create a more interesting pattern! I hung them all together as a class to create a even larger piece of artwork for our school to view!

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  1. I actually said "OOOOHHH" when I saw this post. I've been trying african mudcloths so many different ways and I was never happy with the project (took too long not free enough). So I didn't do it this year. We always do a stamping project similar to this any ways! I could incorporate a little cultural art if you don't mind me stealing your idea!