Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kindergarten Snowflakes

Kindergarteners have been learning about Wilson Bentley, a photographer and scientist from Vermont. He was the first person to photograph snowflakes using a very special camera with a microscope. Wilson Bentley took photographs that even today revel two important truths about snowflakes: first that no two are alike , and second, that each one is startling beautiful.

Kindergarteners created four snowflakes each using white oil pastels for the lines and black paper for the background. We were aiming for the same black/white photographic look when Wilson Bentley was photographing his snowflakes! Kindergarteners were excited to learn about different kinds of cameras, who a photographer was, symmetry and neutral colors!
Let it SNOW!

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  1. love love love your blog! Your students are so talented and have a great teacher to bring it out.